Posted by: Sally Ingraham | August 10, 2008

Keeping it Sorted

Thank goodness, I finally remembered my password so that I could get into my account and pay my phone bill! I wrote it down this time round, so that I wouldn’t have to get locked out of my account numerous times for putting it in wrong… Now I’m good – the phone bill is payed, the electric bill is payed, rent is payed, and my car payment is squared away. Phew – it’s hard being a grown-up sometimes…!

Good thing I have plenty of time to play between my “adult” periods. 🙂 I have been reading and watching movies while August rains on me. Last Sunday I curled up in a huge armchair at a friend’s house and watched Moonstruck while it thunder stormed. There is something so deliciously cozy about drinking hot cocoa while rain slashes at the windows and Nicholas Cage declaims “I lost my hand! I lost my bride!” to an astonished Cher. 🙂

Sailing HomeThe following day I went out on a sail boat – the “Chrissy”, which is a lobster boat from 1910 and the days before engines and metal traps. Captain Ed gave me a private ride around Frenchman’s Bay (as I was his only customer that afternoon) and I watched him haul in his three old wooden traps, and throw a couple little lobsters back into the sea. I got to see some porpoises and some wonderful clouds, as serious weather chased us back to the dock. More of August’s rains fell just as we were tying up.

I get a hike in here and there between the rain – 10 miles the other day, up and down Cadilac Mt. and through the Gorge. Yesterday was actually sunny, and a friend and I went scampering up the Precipice, open now that the peregrine falcons have left. We had nice views of fog rolling into Schoodic Peninsula, but it never touched the island.

Today dawns clear again, and my shoulders can be bared and my legs released from pants to revel in summer shorts for awhile longer. We’re not done yet! And if I can keep all my finances sorted out and not forget my passwords, there will be plenty of time to play in the sun!

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