Posted by: Sally Ingraham | July 29, 2008

Just Chilling

And so the summer continues, with a little bit of rain and cloudy days to remind us of what a normal Acadian summer is like. The humidity has increased over the past few weeks, and I have heard plenty of people complaining. As for myself, I find that my thirst for sun is somewhat quenched and I am quite content to sit in the shade, or spend an afternoon indoors. Such interludes only help to increase my enjoyment of the sunshine, when it chooses to come out again.

Water LilyToday it is sunny, and weaving through the heat is a little breeze, which makes it quite pleasant. I had thoughts of the beach when I woke up, but decided instead to get a few chores done – these being finishing a book, completing a sewing project, and uploading pictures to my Flickr account. All very important.

Perhaps a walk later, before work. I’ll take my new camera along and try to find a few more things to add to my collection. Yesterday while out hiking with my parents, I found a turtle, several frogs, a water lily, and a lovely, peaceful view of the Bowl. I collected them all carefully and tucked them away inside my camera.

Turtle! Someday I’ll have to do something with this collection – turn it into a book. That sounds like a “chore” for another day though! I’ve done enough for today. This winter I will have plenty of time to organize my photos and my thoughts into something worthwhile.

Meanwhile, the summer continues. Lazy and busy at the same time, rarely stressful, usually casual, always fun. I spend my time, as my dear Polish friend Dorota would say, “Just chilling”.

Kind of like this turtle. 🙂


  1. It was great chilling along with you…is that right or is is chilling with you? Whatever. Have fun with the new camera. I expect great things.

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