Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 6, 2015

This again…


Since my last post I: visited New Mexico (April), finished the school part of my AmeriCorps term (May), finished the rest of my AmeriCorps term at the Braddock Carnegie Library, in Braddock, PA (June-July), became engrossed in Pittsburgh Pirates baseball (summer), moved to Santa Fe, NM (August), started making and self-publishing comics (Sept.-Oct.-present), and here we are.

I have been utilizing Tumblr a great deal over the past year, since it was a very fast and easy way to communicate and share and be part of the internet community while I was outrageously busy. By now it is an important hub for my adventure into comic making, and you can even read my comics for free on my page. (Specifically, ’cause I gotta plug them when I can, Dawn Chorus here, and Walkabout here!)

However, I was looking for a list of Christmas movies that I made on this blog in 2012, and I fell in love with this corner of the internet again today. Look at all the nutty things I wrote about! Those lists of tags remind me of things I like about the way my mind works – looking for the connections, the threads.

I was reading a book of interviews with Edward Gorey recently, and he listed Dreyer’s Vampyr as one of his favorite movies. I had to grin, thinking that I’d watched that movie (back in 2009!) after Richard of Caravana de recuerdos recommended it. What crazy adventures I had with the book blogging community back then. And I’m still friends with people I met through this space. How cool.

Anyway, I’m not making any clamorous promises about writing prolifically on here starting NOW, but I am looking forward to posting again and scribbling down some thoughts on books, movies, and comics. After all, WordPress just demanded that I renew my domain name, so I may as well keep alive and well for another year…!

Here’s a drawing of my friend LE exploring the Seldom Seen Arch, near Pittsburgh, PA (which I went back to visit recently), followed by some big, bad New Mexican landscapes. More mutterings to follow soon…!




  1. Yay! Glad to have you back.

  2. Hooray! I look forward to more words from you.

  3. Welcome back!!

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