I try to be a writer, but reading takes up more of my time… And photography… And hiking… And making comics… 🙂


  1. Thanks for the great pictures from Maine. I laughed outloud when I started to read the latest entry = about September 4th being your birthday – minie too… And, many of the haunts of my youth – Fort Knox, Arcadia, flowers and mushrooms. I love to “point and shoot” – never take my pictures too seriously – thus my Flick name PeterImperfectPictures. Just had to give a shoot to let you know someone has thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and “stuff”…

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Just realized I still have your copy of Rockets Boys here but don’t have your address. Email it to me?

  3. Thanks for starting the Woolf in Winter discussions. But I’m wondering if there isn’t a better way to consolidate the comments rather than to have to visit each blogger’s page separately? As in:
    Please be sure to visit these other thoughts and insights:

    Amy at New Century Reading…
    Anthony at Times Flow Stemmed… et al…
    That’s over 30 people.
    If everyone posted to the same page it would be a more involved conversation…

    Just an idea…

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve never hosted something before, so I wasn’t sure what would work best. As the discussion continues through other books, a better system will probably turn up!

  4. I was looking for Madame Yourcenar grave,when I suddenly discovered your article. I was deeply touched for so many different reasons. Since decades I am a profound admirer of Yorcenar genius. After so many years,and being myself a Brazilian author, I feel better and brave when I try to follow her traces, her permanent mistery, her art of invention. Thank you very much for allow me to know the modesty of her grave,her last Petit Plaisance Nélida Piñon

  5. Do you think Bolano was inspired by/influenced by RIchard Brautigan?

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