Posted by: Sally Ingraham | August 12, 2008

Asking For A Lot, I Guess

It has rained EVERY SINGLE DAY IN AUGUST. No kidding – if it didn’t rain exactly where I have been, I have talked to other people who got rained on. Ridiculous.

Nevermind though… Although it is beginning to take more of an effort, I am determined to see the best in every weather situation. I spent all day yesterday curled up at a friend’s house watching the Olympics – I would have felt guilty about doing so if it had been sunny!

Between Sea and Sky I did get out on the water again on Sunday, braving thick fog to find sunshine over towards Winter Harbor. Bar Harbor was socked in, and as the “Acadian” left the dock for it’s 2 hour nature cruise, everyone on board couldn’t help but laugh as the tour guide described views along the shore that were absolutely invisible to us.

We came out of the fog near Egg Rock, and got excellent sightings of seals and bald eagles and what has been voted the “ugliest lighthouse on the East Coast”. Then coming around Ironbound Island there was sunshine and clouds galore – plenty of things to make me and my camera happy.

Back towards Bar Harbor the fog was classic “pea soup” again. The Margaret Todd came suddenly out of it like a haunted pirate ship, and a huge cruise ship, the Grandeur of the Seas, loomed up before us like the ghost of it’s ocean liner ancestors.

Don’t get me wrong here – I am complaining about nothing. (Except perhaps the phenomenon that has brought the most visitors to the Island during the summer’s worst weather and our run of Mama Mia! at Reel Pizza… Busy much? Why yes!) I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind a little more sun before another Maine winter kicks the door in.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? As a nearly toothless old Mainer said just now – dropping his R’s all over the library floor as he did so – “I just hope it stops rainin’ before it sta’ts snowin’.”

Clouds Above Schoodic Mt.
A spot of sun, between the rain drops.


  1. that was our july … it rained for 27 days straight. so disheartening.

    i don’t think the little egg rock lighthouse is ugly at all! i like it!

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