Posted by: Sally Ingraham | July 16, 2008


So in spite of the fact that I could have been outside hiking or biking or sunning or pursuing my latest interest – rock climbing – I spent the last couple of hours curled in the little pink chair in my room, furiously reading The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley – AGAIN! I’ve only read it, perhaps, 6 times, but every time I pick it up I am immediately lost in the sandy mountains of Damar and cannot be brought back until the mad Hill-king and his damalur-sol (lady hero) save the day.

Now, in spite of the glorious granite cliffs and bald mountains, bubbling streams and thundering ocean of this beautiful corner of New England, this island paradise, I find myself longing for wind-swept sandstone and red mesas and desert vistas that spread like a Persian carpet miles, and miles to the horizon…
Delicate Arch 2
Blast it all! I know better than to read that book!


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