Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 21, 2015


It’s been very cold in Pittsburgh the last few weeks, although we have nowhere near as much snow as places further north. I’ve taken advantage of my host site being closed for snow days by tucking myself into my house and reading and drawing and watching episodes of Vikings and Arrow.

After making the somewhat rash decision to sign up for a longsword fighting course yesterday, however, I kicked myself out of the house and went for a long wander down by the river.

It had warmed up to 7 degrees and was brutally sunny, and I’d remembered to bring gloves for once, so I had a great time taking pictures. I found a lot of new graffiti and artwork in hidden places, and trekked about on top of the icy Allegheny for awhile. Standing beneath the 40th Street Bridge is something one can rarely do!

Feb. 20th 2015

40th Street Bridge, Feb. 20th 2015

40th Street Bridge, Feb. 20th 2015

Allegheny River, Feb. 20th 2015

40th Street Bridge, Feb. 20th 2015

Further down the river, the riverside trail dries up and the more adventurous soul can hike down under the railroad (below), in a maze of trestles.

Railroad tracks in Lawrenceville, Feb. 20th 2015

Under the railroad trestles - Feb. 20th 2015

There is usually artwork tucked here and there, some of it more permanent than others, and all of it collaborative. I hadn’t seen the stuff pictured above before, but it looks like it’s been there quite awhile.

Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge - Feb. 20th 2015

I love seeing the shadow of the Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge on the ice!

Feb. 20th 2015

Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge - Feb. 20th 2015

Feb. 20th 2015

31st Street Bridge - Feb. 20th 2015

The ice on the river starts to open up right about here (pic taken from the boat ramp beneath the Fort Wayne Bridge). There were glittering patches of open water in the middle, probably where the Allegheny starts to mingle it’s waters with the Ohio.

Today it is snowing and 19 degrees, so I don’t think the ice is really going anywhere yet. There are a few weeks of winter left… I’ve spent the majority of it indoors, but I’m awfully glad I poked my nose outside yesterday to see what my bridges and river were up to!


  1. I’ll be glad when winter is over, but your pictures are a good reminder that it can be a beautiful season too. You always take such great photos – thank you for sharing them.

    • Aww, thanks Ana. They’re a good reminder to me too…!

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