Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 20, 2015

Sally Bone on my mind


Here’s the thing, folks – I am going to make a comic about Sally Bone for REAL this year. Something that’s longer than a page. Something with a plot. Something tangible.

I’ve been obsessed with comic books lately because they’re cool and important, but also because I am researching and exploring and teaching myself more about the format. I have been trailing artists and writers around the web via Tumblr and Twitter, and have been hanging out with other comic makers in Pittsburgh – picking their brains and peeking over their shoulders to see what they’re making. These are exciting times.

I need to sit down, compose myself, and actually write a script for this thing though. My ideas are too vague to be executed right now. I enjoyed reading one of Neil Gaiman’s scripts for The Sandman the other day, and was blown away by how similar it was to a film script. I don’t know that it’s absolutely necessary to write something so detailed if I’m doing my own artwork, but it would be a fun exercise. And I really want to do some mock-ups of characters. I believe I’ll need to set some more definitive goals, in order to keep myself on track…

I have been practicing my drawing skills a bit, when I can squeeze a little time and energy out of my hectic life. (I know I could be drawing instead of reading comics, but let’s not get into that struggle right now…) I even drew two proper comics, on un-Sally-Bone-related topics, in January:



(Yes, if I can draw skeletons I will draw skeletons…!)

Today I finally sat down and did something I’ve been meaning to do, as a practice-for-Sally-Bone exercise. I love Pittsburgher Chancelor Humphrey’s street style photography, and was pleasantly surprised when he took a picture of me downtown last October. I redrew it as a Sally Bone piece (observe, at the top of this post) and I have been meaning to go on drawing skeletonized versions of his pictures. His website (#KeepPittsburghDope) is full of fun material to draw.

FullSizeRender (1)

Such good practice for clothing details, hair, body language, and of course getting that skull right – which I didn’t on that bottom right gal I’m realizing. She’s missing part of her jaw bone, poor thing! I do like the knitting on her scarf however – it’s a process…! I very much like how this guy came out:

Chancelor Humphrey - #KeepPittsburghDope


It’s so bitterly cold here that school was canceled yesterday and today. I have a lovely long weekend to do all of the things! And that’ll include plenty of drawing.

Stay tuned for a proper Sally Bone adventure, coming Spring 2015. (Whoops, I made a deadline…now I have to keep it!)


  1. I love the style. It’s interesting, but consistent. Important traits for a comic! Nice work.

  2. Thanks Julie. I’m still trying to figure out what the real style of the comic will be – since everyone will be skeletons, the details of clothes and hair will be super important, so I figure practicing those things is essential! We’ll see how it all develops. 🙂

  3. This might be helpful when figuring out how to style your comic!

    The infinite corpse!

    If you’re struggling with a single comic, a Sally Bone Zine that collects these strips and stories could be great, too.

    • Huh, I didn’t think about making a zine, but that would be good practice in actually making something concrete out of my stuff. Thanks for the idea! And that website looks amazing. 🙂

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