Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 24, 2011

A few fiendishly fun things (RIP VI related)

Look what I found – the most seasonally appropriate and all-round wonderful online magazine! It claims to be a children’s lit and art publication, but its theme is the monsters beneath the kidlit’s beds, and it is a collection of all that is weird and spooky and fabulous. The art and story submissions are great, as far as I can tell from my quick perusal. I’m eager to keep exploring it. Here is the September issue.

Also, did you know that Ryan Gosling has a band?? He and his friend Zach Shields are Dead Man’s Bones, and they make some strange, eerie, macabre music. This isn’t one of their best songs, but this short film is AMAZING:


  1. Oh I’ve been a fan of Under the Juniper Tree for a while now. I’m checking out Dead Man’s Bones now. What creepy awesome music!

    • Right? Not what you’d expect from Gosling, but at the same time it’s so perfect.

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