Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 22, 2011

“…enwrapped in mystery.”

“And this leads me to say, that it seems to me that the supernatural, in order to call forth those sensations, terrible to our ancestors and terrible but delicious to ourselves, skeptical posterity, must necessarily, and with but a few exceptions, remain enwrapped in mystery. Indeed, ’tis the mystery that touches us, the vague shroud of moonbeams that hangs about the haunting lady, the glint on the warrior’s breastplate, the click of his unseen spurs, while the figure itself wanders forth, scarcely outlined, scarcely separated from the surrounding trees; or walks, and is sucked back, ever and anon, into the flickering shadows.”
– from the author’s introduction to Hauntings by Vernon Lee

There isn’t quite enough of the mystery that Lee mentions here in her own work, at least so far. I did give myself the willies last night after reading the first story, but I can do that almost any night if it’s late enough and dark enough and I walk past the basement stairs…!

I’m on the hunt for something slightly more “enwrapped in mystery”. Time to go poke around the RIP VI Review Site I think.


  1. many have been reviewing a creepy novel called Woman in Black by Susan Hill (on the review site), been thinking about trying it.. once I find a copy.

    • Of COURSE! I remember buzz about her and that book last year – and of course there’s the movie coming out soon. Obvious choice really. I had totally forgotten about that one. 🙂

  2. I hope you find something that suits you soon!

    • Thanks!

  3. […] few days ago after reading only the first story in this collection of four, I complained that there wasn’t as much mystery as Lee had led me to believe there would be in her work. I […]

  4. I just read The Secret of Crickley Hall. If you read that one, don’t walk by the cellar door. EVER.

    • Ack! I’m trying to grow out of a huge basement fear. Doing pretty well. Definitely don’t need to test it though! Thanks for the warning. 🙂

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