Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 3, 2011

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VI


How thrilling that I can kick off my return to proper blogging with my favorite reading challenge of the year. R.I.P. VI and autumn go hand in spooky hand, and I love them both. September is here, autumnal beers are here, and Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Gothics, Horror, and the Supernatural call my name in a haunting whisper. I mean my volume of Poe stories is literally hissing at me from my bookshelf. Time to pull it down and get reading!

peril the firstI haven’t really come up with a reading list yet beyond a few vague ideas: read something shiverous by Daphne Du Maurier, check out Sarah Waters, find Edith Wharton’s scary stories, POE POE POE…etc. I think it’s going to be a fall of fairly light reading. I still can’t seem to wrap my head around anything particularly serious, but I’m hoping that will fade as my work schedule lightens. I think I can challenge myself to complete Peril the First, which means reading four books that fit into Carl V.’s loose genre guidelines. I also plan to tuck into some short stories and it’s a given that I’ll be getting perilous on the screen. I’m pretty darn sure I can meet Carl V.’s one demand – enjoying myself will be thrillingly easy!

rip vi

Carl V. has once again picked awesome artwork for the challenge, this time round work by Melissa Nucera. The above image is particularly suitable, as it is reminiscent of the truly frightening Weeping Angels from my beloved Doctor Who. DON’T BLINK!

Perilously imbibingI will once again be pairing my perilous reading with perilous imbibing. I look forward to finding new autumnal beers (or other beverages) and I welcome any suggestions or discoveries that anyone cares to share with me. I’m getting the drinking end of things off to a fun start with Gritty’s Halloween Ale, decked out in a fantastic new label but containing the same good beer I enjoyed last year. Cheers and best wishes for spooking reading this season!


  1. I’m glad you are joining and curious to see what you will end up reading. Wharton is a good idea as well. I have some of her ghost stories. It is the best challenge ever and Carl is a great host.
    I don’t now if you saw my anser to your .comment. “Dark Matter” would be quite the choice for you.
    That beer looks intriguing.

    • Thanks for the book tip – I’ll have to check it out. I’m curious to see what all I end up reading too. Wharton’s ghost stories are high on the list.

  2. I’m also thinking of joining this, Sarah, despite the fact I seem to be unable to meet my reading commitments left and right these days. You sound like you have a good roadmap for fun, though, and I need an extra excuse to drink pumpkin beers with you online. Thank God for pumpkin bers and ales!

    • I heartily agree Richard! I’m looking forward to your input again this autumn.Keep me updated on any fun fall beers you find!

      It seems like a few of us are struggling this year – over-committed, or just trying to stretch in more directions? A little of both for me. I’m crossing my fingers for the fall though.

  3. Tying in beer with the challenge is creative. I hope you find some good flavours! Happy reading!

    • I found all kinds of fun flavors last year, so at the very least I’ll get to revisit the pumpkin and Octoberfest beers – but I’m hoping for a few new ones too!

  4. Thanks for coming off your break to take part in R.I.P., Sarah! Wonderful having you. And of course in addition to looking forward to seeing what you read, I’ll look forward to your imbibing as well. I broke out a brew last night as I grilled and it was so perfect to be grilling out in nearly autumn temps with a beer in hand.

    • Sounds most lovely. I think it’s shaping up to be a perfectly perilous autumn all round. 🙂

  5. So excited to see some posts from you again. I admit, I know you’ve been really busy this summer, but I’ve sure missed your posts. And as always, I love the RIP challenge, and am really looking forward to seeing which books you spend your autumn with…and, of course, which brews:)

    • Well I’m excited that you’re excited! Taking a break was good – I feel recharged and eager to blog again and have fun doing so.

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