Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 1, 2011

August 2011

In short, I’ve been busy lately. On top of working and getting back into shape, I have been setting things in motion that will impact my life in huge ways. A major change of gears is ahead of me, and I have been sorting out my personal and professional life in preparation for the next big step. All this mental and physical activity leaves little time for reading and blogging, and after a few weeks of failing to find the time or interest, I chose to simply drop both things from my life for the month of August. For the first time in years I didn’t read a single book in the course of a month. Nor did I post here even once. I feel okay about this, although it is not a habit I want to get into! Somehow there must be time for everything. But at least this year, in August of 2011, there was only time for working, walking, and cooking. I lost 10 lbs and applied for a job in Antarctica! More details will follow, but for the moment here is a portrait of my last 31 days:

Afternoon walkWicked Hydrangea
Classic Who Marathon 2012Traversing
Rainbow open-facedAlien Invasion
Witch Hole PondStudffed
BruschettaAunt Betty Pond
Lily-paddingAmerican Folk Fest
Italian Veggie StewIrene and Co.
Irene WavesIrene comes calling
Worth mentioning: I had a 2 day Classic Doctor Who Marathon with my little sister/the girl crossing the log is another one of my sisters/I went to the American Folk Festival in Bangor, ME the other day/the wave pictures were taken the day after the tropical storm dubbed “Irene” blew through.

I will not make promises I cannot keep for September, but I will be aiming to post again more frequently and I intend to pick up a book or two and reenter the worlds of my blogging friends. Hurray for September, my favorite month! I already bought my first batch of autumnal beers, and I am starting to eye my volume of Poe stories. The light has started to change, and I can’t wait for the leaves to follow suit. It’s going to be an especially fine month I believe. The Pumking wakes, and the Ice is calling me!


  1. I’d be glad to share that beer with ya…. just holla!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Sarah!!

  3. A job in Antarctica????? That’s amazing! I hope you get it so I can hear all about it and experience it vicariously through you without having to put on thirty layers in order to leave the house.

    Those lily pad photos are awesome. Lots of those are, actually – love the clouds in the first shot. Good to see you popping online!

    • I will certainly be blogging and taking pictures if I get to go to the Ice Emily! And if I don’t go I have other plans for travel that will hopefully include a trip to the Northwest. 🙂

  4. You sure have been AWOL for quite some time. The R.I.P. has started…. No way you are not going to join.
    Your photos look wonderful, especially the way they are combined.
    Antarctica… I’m just reading The Ragged Edge of the World. One part is deidcated to Antartica. Fascinating. Bit cold though.

    • Definitely a bit cold. But I would be going in the summer, so it will be light all the time! You’re right about R.I.P. – I’m getting organized for that later today for sure.

  5. have been thinking about you! sounds like a lot of exciting things have been going on..and developing into something fantastic–Antarctica?!– glad you are well!

    –oh, love the photos! and am looking forward to your autumnal beer finds [an their reading partners]!


    • I have been missing my blogging friends! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to – need to catch up on your movie finds especially. September is off to a good start already – Sarah Waters and Gritty’s Halloween Ale! 🙂

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