Posted by: Sally Ingraham | April 15, 2010

Jesup Reading Marathon: 2nd Night

After a successful group discussion about blogging at the library, where I spoke about my own experience and met and learned a lot from a very interesting fellow Bar Harbor blogger, Nicole, I settled in for another couple hours of reading. I had a bit of trouble staying awake – should have hit the caffeine but was too lazy to make more coffee…!

In 3 hours I read about 50 pages of Life A Users Manuel by Georges Perec, and 27 more pages of The Bros K. I roamed all over the library, reading upstairs on the balcony across from the biographies, and downstairs in my favorite corner in front of the big glass window, and finally up at the front desk when I officially went ‘on duty’ from midnight to one o’clock a.m. There were half a dozen people at the library the whole time I was there – the periodical room where I hung out the night before was full! That was awesome to see.

My next assignment, according to the library director, is to come up with something crazy to do for Banned Books Week in September! Plenty of time to think about that – more reading to be done tonight!


  1. I wonder what you’ll come up with, something dangerous no doubt 😉 I just love this idea and the fact that people have taken to it so much.

    • It’s definitely very cool!

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