Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 18, 2010

Woolf in Winter: Mrs. Dalloway Update

Woolf in WinterWhat an amazing first stop on our tour through Woolf’s world. The response has been fantastic. My own impressions of the book have been greatly impacted by the insights of so many others. I am still adding posts to my list (found here) so I recommend checking back a few more times! See you at Emily’s blog on the 29th of January for the conversation about To the Lighthouse.


  1. Thanks for hosting the first one. Like you, my thoughts on the book have changed loads after reading all the reviews, and being absolutely wowed by everyone’s thoughts and comments.

  2. Great job, Sarah! *hug*

    My own reading was so greatly enriched by everyone’s posts. Having come into Woolf for the first time, I was somehow too preoccupied with the beautiful writing that most other insights sailed beneath me.. until I read the posts and comments, that is. I doubt I’ll go into To the Lighthouse much prepared, but at least a ‘little’ less disoriented.

  3. uncertainprinciples – No problem! It was a fun experience for me, and it was great to meet so many new bloggers. 🙂

    Claire – Phew! That was something! 🙂 I think my first reading of the book was really similar to your own – I felt like I’d been totally floored by something that I didn’t even quite understand! Have the insights of ‘experienced’ Woolf readers helped so much!

  4. I really have appreciated having the chance to focus on one book, and a worthy one at that, with so many fellow bibliophiles. It has been an enriching experience, and I’m already looking forward to To The Lighthouse. As Claire said, maybe I won’t be all that prepared, but at least I’ll be more familiar with Woolf’s writing.

  5. […] Mrs. Dalloway discussion, led by Sarah, which took place Jan. 15 with a Jan. 18 update here. […]

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