Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 18, 2010

The Big Read V: The Woman in White – Installments 5 and 6

DSC00348by Wilkie Collins

In which Marian’s narrative is unfortunately cut short, and the story is picked up by Frederick Fairlie and carried further by Eliza Michelson.

Spoilers, etc., follow:

I find myself, at this point, extremely worried. Everything is falling apart. Sir Percival and Count Fosco are weaving an intricate web – or at least Count Fosco is, for it seems more and more clear that Sir Percival is just as tangled up as anyone else. He’s still the easiest character to vehemently despise though. Even with all ten of his sticky fingers in the pudding, Count Fosco continues to fascinate. Poor Marian, valiantly trying to figure things out to the last, is most unfairly stuck down by a serious illness, and Laura (who really manages to faint a lot, I mean seriously!) is no help at all. I’m increasingly frustrated with the situation, and at this point, being still very much in the dark in regards to what devilments Fosco is up to, I can only hope that Walter will reappear and make heads or tails of it all. (Wasn’t that dream of Marian’s a brilliant piece of truly sensational writing? I’m still in awe.)

Over halfway though now, and the chocolate pudding plot only thickens with Fosco there to keep stirring it! Can’t wait to see where it goes from here, and can’t imagine how it will get sorted out. 🙂

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  1. Laura does need to find her backbone. Although the fact that everyone babies her gives her no reason to need it.

  2. Yeah, Fosco and Percival are pretty much awful. (I erased the word I’d originally put, not wanting to be offensive on line. 😉

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