Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 6, 2009

Read. Read. Read-a-Thon: Another Mini Challenge

readreadreadathonI keep getting to these late because I’ve been reading entire books between my chunks of computer time – better late than never though. I think I have enough brain power to do the meme hosted by Chick Loves Lit – she wonders where you have spent the majority of your time reading, and is looking for answers to the following questions that can be supplied through things you can actually see from where you are sitting. I’ve indicated those things with italics.

I spent the first half of my day in my bedroom, curled with my cats in bed. Once my boyfriend abandoned the living room and the TV went off I settled on the couch – yes, curled with my cats. 🙂

Name of the book you’re currently reading:

Erm, I’m between books, but I might try to read Flush: A Biography by Virginia Woolf next.

Wanting Most:
I would love it if the snowplow would quite going past my house. Granted it’s the first snow, but it’s nearly nothing and even if they need the practice, isn’t once every 15 minutes a little much??

Something you like to do besides read:

I like to take photographs – recently, mostly of my cats!

Fact about yourself:
I recently rediscovered the “one ring to rule them all” replica that I bought back in my serious LOTR fan days…!

Activity you would be doing today if it weren’t for the read-a-thon:

Right now? Sleeping. But for most of the past day I would probably have been curled on the couch watching movies – I’ve been meaning to get to Victor/Victoria for several days now.

Back to reading! Here’s hoping I can make it just a little longer. It’s just past 4 a.m. – to hit the 24 hour mark I need to stay up 3 1/2 hours more! 🙂


  1. Hope you’re enjoying Flush. I’ve never read it but I’m an uber V. Woolf fan.

  2. Your cats are gorgeous! (I scrolled down and saw the pics). I hope it works out with the landlord.

    You’ve been doing great! Good luck staying up for the last few hours.

  3. Ash – I decided to save Flush for when I was more awake – I love Woolf as well, and I’m really eager to read the book – tomorrow perhaps. 🙂

    Tanabata – Thanks and thanks!

  4. Keep it up! Way to go!

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