Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 4, 2009

I’ve been invaded!

Although there is a tiny possibility that I will get politely asked to leave my apartment because of this, look at who has joined my family:

Briggs, the Enormous Cat. He’s huge and adorable and loves to hang out with me, especially when I’m trying to use my computer – he gets a kick out of trying to walk back and forth across my keyboard!

Bree, the Princess. She is about two times smaller than her brother, but her personal space bubble is much larger! She is elusive and even a little skittish, but she warms up to us by the evening and will join Briggs and I for a couch party – for just as long as she chooses.

We’ve had the cats since about mid-November, but we only fessed up to them a day ago. I can’t imagine our very nice landlords will really have a problem with them since they are completely house broken and they don’t scratch the furniture or make any other types of havoc – and the landlords let a family with a dog live in this same apartment last winter, so… The cats’s past owner didn’t want them anymore and she was so desperate to be rid of them that she was threatening to put them down!! In spite of the no-pet policy of our housing situation, my boyfriend and I just HAD to take them.

I haven’t had cats before, since my Dad is allergic to them, so the past few weeks have been a learning experience – although an easy one. I’m quickly getting over my slight aversion to cats – they’ve always made me a little self-conscious because I’m pretty sure they’re smarter than me, or possibly aliens. I found a book in the spring which only confirmed my feeling that there was something about cats.

Briggs and Bree don’t frighten me, although they occasionally fix me with a stare that is somewhat unnerving…! They’re so pretty, fabulous cats though, so if they’re willing to put up with me, I am more than willing to be their minion. They certainly are wonderful companions when it comes to curling up with a book, and a cat! 🙂


  1. Pet, pet. Please pass that along.

  2. Haha, will do!! 🙂

  3. Briggs & Bree are adorable & very beautiful cats, too. It’s a wonderful thing you & your boyfriend did. I’m so proud. And I have many choice words for the person threatening to put them down.

    If they are staring at you, you can try staring back & then close and open your eyes slowly. Sometimes they will do it back to you & this is a sign of their affection for you. Not all cats do this but many do. Cats like to stare, though, it’s just one of the things they do – out of windows, at walls etc.
    Enjoy them! It sounds like you are!

  4. Thanks for the tip Amy – I know that it’s coming from plenty of experience! 🙂

  5. KITTIES! They’re gorgeous. It’s so exciting when a new pet joins the family – congratulations! And I hope your landlords are chill about it.

  6. *gasp*

    Someone wanted to put those beautiful animals down? That’s terrible!

    LOL, that first one looks like a big fat brick.

  7. They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    And I think you may be right about cats being aliens.

  8. Emily – Thanks – I adore them already. I’ll give up my housing for them if I have too…but I doubt it will come to that!

    EL Fay – I know, right? Evil does exist… Hehe, Briggs is astonishingly large – but fortunately just big boned and not grossly overweight.

    Leila – They seriously do creep me out sometimes – they both have such enormous green eyes. But they are lovely individuals. 🙂

  9. They’re gorgeous! Briggs has very similar coloring to my Snapdragyn. Congrats on your new furballs, and being a first-time Kitty Mamma. I hope you get to keep them in your current living situation. I never dreamed I’d have five (yeah, I did say five, I know, crazy, huh?) cats, but I blame my hubbie (Monster).

  10. They are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE cats…as you could probably tell by my blog! I’ve been contemplating getting a sister for Alis lately. I used to have five…before I had kids. My philosophy with cats is that you just can’t have one…LOL!

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