Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 13, 2009

Spending a Day the Best Way: hiking and eating!

Rockdale River TrailIt’s kind of funny how much this part of Georgia looks like Maine right now. What leaves that are left on the trees are mostly yellow and brown, and there is a similar mix of deciduous and pine, although a closer look proves them to be different varieties than I am used to. I left Maine during a surprisingly warm spell, and went from my pleasant 50s to what Atlanta considers somewhat chilly 50s. It’s supposed to be closer to the 70s tomorrow though, so that will be lovely. There is more wildlife still roaming about here, while in Maine most of the birds and small animals are mostly hidden away, so that’s a nice difference. I don’t know why I expected a more exotic local, but my mental picture is adjusting and I’m enjoying all the aspects of my visit.

Snails in a Little/Big HandToday we spent a lot of time outdoors, visiting Panola Mountain State Park. There is a 12 mile multi-use trail that winds through a wide variety of different woodsy habitats as well as swamp, field, and river areas. The 2 year old was a good little hiker and we had fun helping her pick out the perfect leaves and acorns to put in her pink, leopard spotted purse. I got a kick out of seeing a lizard, three small snakes (thank goodness!), a beautiful raptor of some type, several butterflies, and a whole handful of snails!

f.o.Not too long after we got back (via the circuitous route of getting lost – my friend is a newcomer to the area!) my friend’s husband came home and we all went into downtown Atlanta to meet up with other friends for dinner. I got to see the lit up skyline, and drive through Cabbagetown. We ate at La Fonda Latina, an old favorite haunt of the Atlanta-raised husband, where I consumed an astonishing amount of delicious paella. On the way out of town we stopped at The Varsity for an F. O. (frosted orange yummyness) and listened to the folks behind the counter call “What’ll ya’ have, what’ll ya have?” as they have done since 1928.

We have all kinds of things planned for tomorrow, but all I want to do right now is curl up with my food baby and my book – my camera batteries are charging, and it’s time I did the same. Good night!


  1. Mmm those are the best kind of days, doing outdoorsy stuff and then eating more than your fill 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic trip! I’m jealous of that pretty, sunny photo – it’s dark, gray and rainy here. 😦

  3. The Varsity sounds like a perfect place to end a fall hike! (or any hike, for that matter!)

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