Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 11, 2009

Alighting in Atlanta

I already can’t believe that my day started out like this:

Somewhere above New England

Early morning flights, once you get somewhat awake and past airport security, are quite lovely. Mine were uneventful, and my friends were there to meet me at the (gulp, huge!!) airport in Atlanta. I spent the rest of the day casually, grabbing some “real country cooking” at Johnny’s Family Buffet, playing with the smaller of my two friends (the 2 year old), getting beaten up by their Australian cattle dog, visiting the Veterans Wall of Honor in McDonough for some mild Veterans Day respect, and vegging out on TV and Pizza Hut.

We will hopefully start the more serious exploration of Atlanta tomorrow, or if it turns into a more relaxed day, at the very least I will try to drag my friends to Bell, Book & Candle, the used and rare book store right in their home town. 🙂

Once again The Savage Detectives will lull me to sleep, and not even the riveting mystery of who and what Arturo Belano and Ulises Lima are is likely to keep me awake for long…!


  1. I hope you go on the cemetary tour!

  2. Julie – That hasn’t been worked into our plans yet, but we’ve got lots of time still. 🙂

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