Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 8, 2009

SRC: List Update

I asked a friend at work last night for some series recommendations, and he put me on an interesting track. Here’s a couple more that I would like to at least investigate.

ShikastaDoris Lessing’s Canopus in Argos

1. Shikasta (1979)
2. The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five (1980)
3. The Sirian Experiments (1980)
4. The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (1982)
5. The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (1983)

The description of this series reminded me of Ursula Le Guin’s Hainish Cycle, in that they are science fiction books that are more about social-cultural issues. My friend described this series as being a number of stories told from the view point of several different types of aliens. Sounds fun!

My friend’s next suggestion, and the one he really emphasized once he’d thought of it, should be quite a mind-twister. I am tentatively putting Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy on my list:

1. Molloy (1951)
2. Malone Dies (1951)
3. The Unnamable (1953)

ProustAnd to follow suit, perhaps some Proust? I’m not sure his seven volume work – In Search of Lost Time – is technically a series. LOTR is both a trilogy and one complete work, depending on how it’s published. Hmm. I guess I won’t get picky over this one. We’ll see how far I make it!

* Swann’s Way (tr. Lydia Davis)
* In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (tr. James Grieves)
* The Guermantes Way (tr. Mark Treharne)
* Sodom and Gomorrah (tr. John Sturrock)
* The Prisoner (tr. Carol Clark)
* The Fugitive (tr. Peter Collier)
* Finding Time Again (tr. Ian Patterson)

That should do it for the moment!

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