Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 7, 2009

Serial Readers Challenge

Serial Readers ChallengeI’ve decided to join this challenge. I’ve been working my way through series’ recently anyway – might as well get some kudos for doing so!

CarPoolQueen is hosting the challenge – full details here. Basically the idea is to read as many series of books in 2009 as you can – three related books count as a series – and you get points for how books you read, and extra kudos points for how many complete series’ you finish.

Right off the bat I know I want to read the Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynn Jones:

1. The Spellcoats (1979)
2. Drowned Ammet (1977)
3. Cart and Cwidder (1975)
4. Crown of Dalemark (1993)

(According to the Wikipedia article [ha!] this is the order of the “internal chronology”, but having already read Cart and Cwidder – which won’t count since I read it in December – I might just try the series this way…although it makes me say grrr.)

I want to branch out a little, so I will be looking for some series’ in other genres. Romance? Mystery shouldn’t be hard although I don’t want something too long… Yay, research! I’ll update my list when I have more of one.

And I’ll be posting my reviews of the books and series’ I read.


  1. Oh I love Cart and Cwidder! No romance or mystery ideas for you… though lots of Fantasy if you’re needing those 😀

  2. I’ll take suggestions for sure. Thanks!

  3. If you want to reread some, there’s always Sorcery and Cecelia, and The Grand Tour 😀
    One series I really like is the Mortal Instruments series, so far City of Bones and City of Ashes are out, (By Cassandra Clare) though City of Glass is coming out this spring. They’re awesome.
    There’s lots of serieses by Tamora Pierce, right now I’m reading the Immortals series by her which I really like.
    Hope that helps!

  4. For once I am right on top of you as far as reading goes! I own both Sorcery and Cecilia and The Grand Tour – although they’re in Anna’s room right now. I’ve read a whole lot of Tamera Pierce. I was the first in our family – ha! However, I’ll have to check out the Mortal Instruments series. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

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