Posted by: Sally Ingraham | October 23, 2008

Dressing Appropriately

It is COLD this morning!! I ventured out (rushed out in an aweful late to work hurry) in thin tights and sandels, among other things, because dressing had gotten annoying and I couldn’t be bothered anymore. I am dressed for a lovely, warm, early October day, while it is a crisp (bitter even?) morning with a pale sun blinking balefully and a steady breeze blowing all the pretty leaves away. Late October, in other words.

A New Island?Fortunately I will be inside all day, getting payed to read most likely. There are no boats in today, so a flood of cruise ship passengers will not be storming the door of Amy’s shop. It’s been very quiet at Reel Pizza as well. I don’t mind. I have had many pleasant mornings at the shop to hop on the computer and research my trip, and fun evenings at the movie theater discussing my most recent ideas with anyone who will listen.

My trip is getting ever closer to being planned. Meaning, more and more elements are squared away. Meaning, I have tickets and reservations and specific dates. As of yesterday, in addition to my plane ticket to NM and my week with my Dad in Socorro, I finalized a rental car for that week, a plane ticket from Albuquerque to Seattle, and a train ticket from Seattle to L.A., L.A. to New Orleans, New Orleans to Boston, and Boston to home.

Oh yes, the trip has continued to evolve. Now the big things are set in stone though, and it is just the details that I can leasurly figure out in the next couple weeks. The details are always so much fun. For instance, what will I do for three days in Seattle? Space Needle, Pugit Sound, Pike’s Market, Mt. Reinear?? I am very excited to get a grand sweeping view of the country via my train rides. I will be going from coast to coast, and from corner to corner – a giant U of a ride. There will be four or five days to explore New Orleans with a friend as well.

It’s going to be wild. My mind can’t quite comprehend what I am laying out for myself. That’s why I have to put money down on tickets and things, making the plans inevitable so that I can’t wimp out on the whole thing. Now that I would!! I am eager to travel, and aside from listening to a certain amount of caution and good sense from the inner voice, I refuse to be worried about a thing.

And now, back to work! Please, please everyone, keep the door closed – someone hasn’t figured out how to dress appropriately yet!
From a recent hike up Penobscot – yes, I do still have time to hike!!

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