Posted by: Sally Ingraham | October 12, 2008

Time Flies to New Mexico

I find myself almost halfway through October, wondering where the time is going. I am not much bothered by this phenomenon, as every moment that passes brings me closer to my fantastic trip to New Mexico! After months of heming and hawing, and inflicting my latest greatest travel idea upon my friends and family on an almost daily basis, I have finally come up with an adventure to fill the 6 weeks I have off from work while Reel Pizza is closed.

I plan to fly to New Mexico Nov. 18th and join my Dad in Socorro for the Festival of the Cranes. After a week of birding and photography and tours of the Trinity Site and Elephant Butte and sundry arroyos and canyons, I will head off to explore other parts of the state (still planning that chunk of the trip!) I will make my way back to Albuquerque around the beginning of Dec. and hop on the train, ride it to Chicago, visit a friend and check out the city, get back on the train and go to Washington D.C., check out that city, and eventually arrive back in Wells, ME.

I’ll still have some time before I have to go back to work, so I may stay with my family in Kennebunk for a few days and then roadtrip in Maine for a little while before heading back up to Bar Harbor. It’s all going to be FABULOUS!! 🙂

In order to make this trip as perfect as possible (and pay all my bills while I am gone) I will be spending the next four weeks working obsessively. I picked up two more shifts at Our New England, so I will be working my tail off five days a week at both my jobs. But what a tale I will have to tell when I get back from NM!! It will be worth every moment I spend trying to make foam for cappuccinos, or arguing with someone about whether or not they ordered anchovies on thier pizza!

In between working I will of course try to get outside to see the autumn splendor. The leaves are supposed to peak here on the island around the 18th. I have that Saturday morning off, so hiking is a given, and my camera will be tucked under my arm for sure. 🙂
October Festival
Just a taste!


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  2. Please come back. I’m afraid you’ll have such a great time out west you may never return.

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