Posted by: Sally Ingraham | June 18, 2008

Blogging…not so much a summer thing

I have to be honest here. Blogging is more of a winter thing.

Hours spent curled up in the corner of the library just come more easily in the winter. I can’t seem to find those hours anymore. The sun is out! My free time is filled with hiking and biking and laying in the cool shade of the Village Green. There are friends to hang out with before and after work, and many an adventure to be had.

Biking Season Has ArrivedThis has been a particularly beautiful spring, and as the good weather continues into June and the black flies get killed off by too much sunlight, things are looking fabulous for the summer. I have new friends to play with, and a couple of old friends making surprise returns to the area. My working situations and days off couldn’t be better arranged.

I have been going on weekly hikes with a friend – no less than my fellow moonlit Witch Hole Pond walker. We’ve been going out to breakfast, and then knocking a couple of peaks off our summer hiking lists. We’ve been up Dorr, Sargent, Cedar Swamp, and Norumbega mountains, and dutifully touched the elevation markers on top of each. There are few things as satisfying as eating a huge breakfast of Cafe This Way’s Kit’s Burrito, and then working it all off booting up a steep mountainside.

Top of Cedar SwampWe had a great time last week going roaring up the side of Norumbega – .6 miles straight up, with barely a moment to catch our breath. Indeed, to her credit, my friend did it without stopping once, a steady rhythm and momentum carrying her all the way to the top, like a veritable tortoise to my more speedy hare! Not that we were racing or anything like that – but it did please us to pass a couple who had started out long before us. 🙂

Such good times are what I plan to fill my summer with, and I feel that I am off to a good start. I am stronger physically than I have been for a few years, and am delighted to put a 17 mile bike ride, or an 8 mile hike into my days with ease. That there are people to join me on these ventures is a boon and a challenge, and I readily accept both. I just hope I can keep up with my friends, and that the fair weather holds all summer!

As to blogging…it’s not so much a summer thing, but I’ll still give it my best shot! 🙂


  1. Words are always hard to come by in the summer…I think it is a body chemistry thing. Great time for photography though…so at least keep the images coming. You can always go back and weave words around the summer images in those long dark library days in winter.

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