Posted by: Sally Ingraham | May 27, 2008

Night Magic

Walking home from work last night, after watching most of that Prince Caspian movie, I had a deliciously mysterious feeling. The wind was blowing in large warm gusts, and the air was mild. It was after 11, and the streets were empty. It was quiet, beside the wind and the occasional leaf scrambling across the road. The light above the Congregational church flickered as I walked by, and went out.

There was something about the evening that felt wild and exciting. It was probably because my head was filled with dwarves and centaurs, and the idea of ordinary children getting transported to fantastic worlds was newly impressed upon me.

No, it was more than that. I felt wide awake and ready, on the brink of something. The wind pulled at my clothes and rattled the trees, and I found myself genuinely expecting…something. I couldn’t say what. Whatever it might be, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it.

Of course, I walked home and the moment I entered my house, reality glared back at me and the feeling disappeared. But even now, the morning after, I can remember exactly how eager I felt, how accepting of the fact that somewhere, something incredible was happening. Maybe not to me, but I was on the edge of the event. Maybe it was fairy-tale magic, and maybe it was the ordinary/extraordinary magic of life.

Whatever it was, it blew me around and blew through me, and I felt lucky to be there. And yes, I have a vivid imagination, and I am proud of it! 🙂

Tower on Mt. Battie
Here’s the stone tower from the top of Mt. Battie – which also looks fittingly magical.


  1. So did you like Prince Caspian? We went to see it friday and I really liked it.

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