Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 22, 2008

Leading the Search for Tomorrow’s Cures

Jackson Lab
Even though I know the Jackson Lab is a place where they get good stuff done, I can’t help thinking that it looks like the fortress of an evil mastermind here… When I get this view, I always think of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, towards the end of the movie when our heros first come upon M’s factory. I sincerely hope there are no scientists being forcibly held inside the labs. They have gotten a little mean around there recently though, and have kicked all the smokers across the street! 🙂


  1. Even admitting to having seen the League of X Gents will get you labeled a hopeless Philistine in some circles (Philistine being what critics call those who don’t share their exalted taste in films)…but be that as it may, I am relatively certain there are no unwilling captives in Jackson Labs…and I am relatively sure they think kicking the smokes across the street is sending a message they need to hear.

    (But then I will admit to having watched the LOXGs one night when I had absolutely noting better to do and it was indeed better than nothing.)


  2. Ha!

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