Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 21, 2008

24 Miles

I feel like I am beginning to settle into my new life here in Bar Harbor. The house is comfortable, and I love the location. I am making new and interesting friends, and learning new things about old friends. Work is going smoothly, and is still enjoyable.

VibrantI even have a new purpose for my life, which was brought to my attention by one of my co-workers. Apparently, I am supposed to be a comic book writer and artist. I’ve been exploring that concept, and have been dutifully reading the comic books he has lent me.

Also, I have started walking again, or at least with more determination. I walk all around town over the course of a day, but my serious training for the Avon Walk had been put a little to the side while I got over being ill, and moving.

My goal was to walk 24 miles this week. My roommate helped me out by being willing to do a ‘monster walk’ (her term) on Wednesday. We went 7 miles, out to Sand Beach and back. I walked 4 1/2 miles on Monday, and 5 1/2 miles today (brrrrr, was the wind ever cold!!), and with my around town walking adding up, I have already gone 20 miles this week! That’s a good feeling. Another long walk Saturday or Sunday and I will have knocked off 24 miles with ease.

Life is good. I wouldn’t mind warmer weather, but overall I can’t complain. 🙂
Frenchman Bay

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