Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 13, 2008

Getting Thrifty

My roommate and I made the seemingly epic trip to Bangor yesterday, to go thrift shopping. We were looking for things that would make our new apartment look more like our home. As usual, I was amused and astonished by the things that people are willing to get rid of – and which I in turn desire.

Nice Twice, the little thrift shop on the road between Ellsworth and Bangor, is always a jackpot, a treasure trove. The Goodwill in Brewer also proved to be an excellent stop – indeed, the only time I’ve ever had a good time in Brewer…! We visited a couple other places in Bangor, and then went out to lunch at a decent Japanese restaurant called Ichiban, (where I choked down another bowl of miso soup – some things just don’t change, I guess…)

There is a great deal of satisfaction to be garnered from taking other people’s junk and making a treasure out of it. I especially like the fact that I found a bright flowery tablecloth, a beautiful scarf, a framed Van Gogh print, three palm tree plates, a Mexican tile, a ridiculous lamp, and a cozy colorful sweater, and spent less than $20 on the lot of it. This is decorating on a budget – and a very good time as well.

The NestFabulous Scarf
Here are a couple of pictures of both my new apartment, and the purchases that I was so delighted to make and then distribute around the house. Note the ridiculous lamp, and the beautiful scarf, as well as the three palm tree plates! 🙂
OutsidePalm Tree Plates


  1. Beautiful photos.


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