Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 11, 2008


Now here’s something I would have fun with! Although part of me thinks it’s hilarious that a couple of guys in Chicago actually run this as a business, another part of me is having to be talked out of buying a couple packages of the so called “Bloxes“. I can picture a cardboard armchair gracing my new living room. I’m not sure what my roommate would think of that, however… Perhaps a bookshelf. Hmm.

I actually think it would be more environmentally friendly for those boys to offer us a pattern. Why should I have to buy $60 worth of cardboard? I have plenty of my own, due to my desire to recycle and the rather long periods between trips to the recycling place. Give me a pattern, and I will give you that armchair – made out of Reel Pizza pizza boxes! 🙂

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