Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 4, 2007

Let it snow, snow, snow

I am back on Mount Desert Island, but after a couple days of snow it looks more like the magical land of Santa’s North Pole. I am house-sitting for the first time, and I am thankful for the owner’s truck with 4-wheel drive. My Subaru looks like a large sugar coated lozenge, and at the same time like a small white mouse. The snow surrounding it reaches the top of it’s wheels.

In spite of being snowed in, I feel rather like I am on vacation at a luxurious hotel. There is a wonderful new bed to snuggle down into. There is a 3ft. wide HD TV. There are cupboards full of weird foods, such as wasabi in a tube. There is a wood stove. There is a hot tub!

There are also Jake, Lucy, and Rudder, the owner’s chocolate labs. Basically good dogs. Kind of cute. A little insistent about going outside in the middle of the night. A little messy when they eat. A little stinky when they’re wet. The usual.

Dealing with them is a small price to pay, I suppose, when I find myself sitting in the hot tub at 11 o’clock at night, snowflakes on my shoulders, but with deliciously warm toes!

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