Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 30, 2007

Laudholm Farm Morning

Breeze-caught Milkweed
Originally uploaded by tuulenhaiven

There is nothing quite like the imminent threat of suddenly discovering an arrow protruding from your side to make you wish that you had had the sense to stay in bed a few hours more. That and a biting wind that seems to be already nipping away pieces of your body.

I found myself enjoying both of these sensations as I tromped round Laudholm Farms, in Wells, ME this morning. I had tumbled out of bed in a mild hurry to catch the day while the sun was still shining. An hour after I rose, I found myself bundled into a sort of fleece armor, clutching my camera like it was the only means I had of defending myself.

I had strolled all the way across the wildlife reserve to the beach – a mile and a half I believe – before I saw the flaming orange sign. It gently pointed out the fact that a controlled deer hunt would be in progress from November 12th to December 29th, and that BOW HUNTERS would be present on all days except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Sundays.

“Brilliant,” was all I could muster up the cool to say. And then, “Now you tell me.”

I bravely determined to continue on. It is my belief, and I am pretty sure I read this somewhere too, that bow hunters have to get quite close to a deer before they can shoot it properly. I truly hoped they would be able to tell the difference between an attractive female and a mangy deer.

Cheerfully tricking myself into this sense of security, I ambled on, snapping pictures and soaking in as much November sunshine as I could.

In the end it was that pesky wind that drove me back to my car, and all I saw of the bow hunters were footprints in the frozen mud.


  1. Do they actually use real bows? Your post on food made me seriously hungry!

  2. It is not the arrows that get you at Laudholm Farms. At lest the arrows have “higher” minds behind them…in the sense of someone to aim them. It is the ticks, as I know to my sorrow. They are truly aimless…in the sense that they will and do attack anyone who stands still long enough at LF. Hope you did a sock check when the wind drove you in. It is though, such a great place that, even after Lyme’s, I am willing to brave it.

  3. Kelia, yes they use real bows and arrows. If you’ve got to go hunting that’s the way to go I think – it makes it more personal, and I would think you would have to be pretty skilled to get close enough to a deer so that you could shoot it. That’s why I wasn’t so very worried!

  4. Yes, bows are so cool. And you’re right dad, ticks are creepy!

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