Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 23, 2014

Holiday Horr- I mean HAPPINESS!

Winter Light and Flower Show, Dec. 14th 2014

In the midst of the wild three weeks before my winter break and trip up to Maine, I managed to make it to Phipps Conservatory to soak up some of the magical Winter Light and Flower Show. I’ll get grinchy along with the best of them at times, but pretty lights (er… large, alien-looking ones…?) usually bring me cheer.

I did delight in the decor, but I kept catching myself mid-double-take. Like last year, there were poinsettias in all the wrong places, but that wasn’t the only thing that put me on my guard…

Winter Light and Flower Show, Dec. 14th 2014

A few too many Doctor Who Christmas specials may have led me to eye snowmen like the one above with some apprehension, but my friends and I left the conservatory alive so this one is probably harmless…

Winter Light and Flower Show, Dec. 14th 2014

I’m not sure if the alien lights themselves, or their reflection is more unsettling…


Speaking of reflections, is that mine or did I get trapped inside this ornament?

Winter Light and Flower Show, Dec. 14th 2014

This is just a horror story waiting to happen. WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE ICE SKATE?!

I still love the Phipps, and it’s been a treat to visit the conservatory regularly for over a year now – the membership I bought during the last Winter Light and Flower Show has been money well spent.

I’ll be glad when the holiday glamour is gone though, and all I have to worry about is Romero, the Corpse Flower…!

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