Posted by: Sally Ingraham | May 27, 2014


You guys! My computer was broken for a few months, and then today when I finally got round to taking it to be repaired, it turned right on and was completely fine. The man at the Goodwill computer store is some kinda wizard. He just looked at my computer cross-eyed and Presto! – it came back to life.

Life has been interesting, meanwhile. Spring in Pittsburgh, although it came late and was chillier than normal according to the native Yinzers, has been lovely. I’ve enjoyed champagne and skipping rocks on the shores of the Allegheny, marveled at all the flowering trees, been thrilled by thunderstorms, adopted a “candy corn vine” and built a flower tower, went to my first baseball game, got lost in the woods with a cute boy in North Park, finally dared to enter the cave in Allegheny Cemetery, eaten ALL OF THE THINGS at Barb’s Corner Kitchen numerous times, finished Master and Margarita at long last, reconnected with my bike and sewing machine, and made plenty of other mischief too. I gave a month’s notice Marty’s Market and am reconstructing my life around urban farming and a volunteer job at a bookstore and building community pizza ovens (instead of working 40+ hrs serving tables and managing a frustrated restaurant scenario…)

Life is going to get even more interesting, yo! Boyfriend, new job, summer in Pittsburgh, digging into this community (literally, I hope!), and I am intent on taking up proper writing again too. Stories and such. Bad poetry. Practicing the craft, you know? Covering those scary white  pages with purple scribblings until something good materializes.

The world is getting weirder every day, but there’re still brilliant books to be read and music to make and listen to, and friends to meet and keep, and despite myself some days, and because it’s spring, I feel pretty hopeful and excited.





  1. Life sounds like it is going to be even more interesting indeed! I hope it will all prove to be a marvelous adventure. I look forward to your writings!


  2. The excitement must be contagious because reading this made me hopeful, too. I’m glad to hear life has been going well for you, and good luck with the writing!

  3. This spring was lovely in its slowness, the casual way it slipped into summer was maddening some days, but most of the time I marveled at the fact that it was still 60 in June. My life is about to completely change, too, and it’s exciting and terrifying and, hopefully, wonderful. I hope you’re enjoying the first few days of summer!

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