Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 31, 2013

One Last Thing

DSC09942I finally made it back to Maine, where I spent a lovely Christmas with my family. It had been almost two years since I saw my sisters or the Atlantic ocean. Plenty of laughter and hugs and crisp salty air put a few pieces of my heart back together.

It was rather odd to fly away from Maine at the end of my visit, but I was very happy to return to Pittsburgh (in time to watch the Steelers play at home for the last time this season!). Two days at work, just to confuse me, and then this afternoon my friend LE and I will head to Ohio to a little cabin in the hills to find the beginning of 2014.

Insert: promises about better blogging, intentions regarding reviewing more books, warning about lots of picture to follow, etc. etc., you know the drill. Nevermind that. Happy New Year!



  1. Your holidays plans sound lovely. Happy New Year!

    • Cheers Ana! 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture–there’s no place like Maine! 🙂

    • Thanks – and agreed.

  3. Happy New Year to you, Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!!

    • You too! Hopefully we’ll do more bumping into each other in the blogosphere in 2014. Should be fun.

  4. I see you have plans to read 2666 with Richard and others, including myself. I’m looking forward to talking books with you again! Xo

    • I’m excited to do the same, and it makes me grin big to be welcomed back into the blogging world so warmly by you all. Cheers!

  5. I liked this post. I’m finding more and more that I like reading about book blogger’s lives slightly more than about their books. Especially as I wade through the sea of best of 2013 posts. But more than that I got a sweet melancholy feeling from the first paragraph that pleased me. Happy new year.

    • Well thanks Thomas – I too enjoy little glimpses into my favorite bloggers’ lives. Your travel posts are always a treat! I hope you get up to plenty of mischief in the new year. Cheers.

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