Posted by: Sally Ingraham | June 24, 2013

“When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?”

Somehow I hadn’t properly encountered Allen Ginsberg until this year, when a friend read America to me. That poem kind of blew me away, and I realized I’d been missing out! I read White Shroud over the past month, his collection of poems from 1980-1985. I like Ginsberg’s sort of stream of consciousness style, the way I feel like I have fallen down his personal rabbit hole with each poem, his surprising and funny and gut-punching turns of phrase. He doesn’t ever let me get comfortable.

Here is Ginsburg reading (performing?) My Kitchen in New York, one of my favorites from the collection – a poem anyone who has attempted to practice Tai Chi will surely appreciate:

And since it suits a lot of what has been on my mind lately, here is Ginsburg reading America (nearly as well as my friend did…!)



  1. For Allen Ginsberg, pretty much essential reading is the Ginsberg blog – 1,000 & more postings so far and with daily updates – Consider joining the 750 plus Google Friends of the site – and, yes, what a pleasure to properly discoverGinsberg

  2. oops, forget to mention that Ginsberg site’s URL – it’s

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