Posted by: Sally Ingraham | April 8, 2013

Smith Rock State Park


I finally made it out to Smith Rock State Park last Monday, after catching glimpses of the place for months from afar (from Pilot Butte in downtown Bend, over 20 miles away, on a clear day!) It’s a world famous climbing destination but fortunately for me there are also hiking trails. Maybe I’ll scramble up via uncomfortable shoes and ropes and bolts someday, but I was very content to simply tromp to the top of Misery Ridge this day.


The Crooked River


Heading up to the top of Misery Ridge


Monkey Face (400 ft vertical spire)


In the Crooked River Canyon


Closing the loop as the day draws to a close too



  1. Great reflection in that pic second from the bottom. : )

  2. What a beautiful place and what beautiful pictures. I really want to sit along the banks of the river in the canyon and read a book. I know that sounds looney with all their is to look at, but I find reading in a spectacular spot helps slow me down so I can enjoy the spot rather than just check it of my list.

    I also would not have guessed the park was in Oregon. I guess my next trip to OR I will have to think about heading east.

    • Oregon is quite startlingly diverse. Less than an hour from Smith Rock there are towering snowy mountains! I highly recommend exploring the state further. And I do the same thing – I love to read a book in a beautiful place. It changes the whole experience of a place in a wonderful way.

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