Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 30, 2012

My Year Thus Far, in Brief

As Inigo Montoya said, “Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

Since I last wrote, I…

…helped build a dry stacked stone retaining wall at Aprovecho, and went to Las Vegas for a wedding!

Learned how to use natural plasters. Every now and then it stopped raining in April…

Fell in love with reciprocal roofs

Went camping on the coast, and visited Cob Cottage Company.

Did much more work on the Playhouse, finished my independent project – a wooden stool! – and concluded the Natural Building Practicum at Aprovecho.

Went to Idaho to explore Sun Valley.

Went to Desert Rocks music festival in Green River, UT.

Camped above Hells Canyon, OR.

Came back to Apro to work trade for a few weeks and helped finish the Playhouse.

Went to the Oregon Country Fair!

Mini roadtrip up the coast.

Long summer days full of amazing Oregon sunshine spent working and playing with friends.

Took the Shelter Series at Aprovecho. Started building the Boathouse.

And a yurt!

Can’t get enough of natural building. 🙂

On weekends, helped build an earth bag root cellar. Went to an Avett Brothers concert and an Edward Sharpe concert with friends, turned 26…! and finished the Shelter Series.

Explored the Applegate Valley and went backpacking in the CA Redwoods.

Read a few good books, watched The Princess Bride at least once a month, baked, brewed, played the piano, enjoyed bonfires and full moons, and had a thoroughly good time.

And I’m at Apro still – getting better at balancing rocks between tree trunks, working on the Boathouse, making ginger beer and cinnamon buns, enjoying new friendships, and plotting my next move. I am enjoying the last delightful weeks of Oregon sunshine and as usual am getting a kick out of autumn. It’s high time I read a few spooky stories, and I definitely need to track down a whole barrel of seasonal beers!

I can’t say for certain what I’ll be doing next, although I hope it continues to be something to do with natural building or permaculture or homesteading – or books or music or travel. I hope to read a bit more this fall and winter, write a bit more, and process all that I’ve learned and experienced this year.

Waking this blog back up seems like a good place to start! Cheers, internets. 🙂


  1. How nice to hear about your adventures, Sarah! Glad to hear you’ve been having fun, and I look forward to catching up with you should you return to regular blogging again. Have missed you!

    • Richard! I so enjoyed going through my reader last night and seeing what everyone has been up to. I miss my book bloggers world, and the Wolves especially. Those were fun days. 🙂

  2. I thought of you the other day and was hoping you would let us know how and where you are. It’s great to see what you’ve done. You had an amazing yeer and really seem to hjave made the most of it so far.

    • It seems like a lot of people have thought of me recently, and I’ve felt it – I had an insistent desire to check in and see what everyone has been up to and get my blog going again! I am grateful for all my fun adventures in the physical world, but so delighted that my favorite bloggers remember me. I can’t wait to see what YOU’ve been up to!

  3. what a great re-cap post.

    been enjoying your adventure from a far and have been very happy to see it continually evolve into better and greater awesomeness! what great experiences!

    I hope whatever comes next will be absolutely stellar!

    • Thanks L. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

    • Thank you Ti!

  5. Yay Sarah, you’re back! What an amazing year you’ve had, and it’s not even over! Missed you a lot! xx

    • Claire. 🙂 You inspired me to at least get one update on this blog with your comment the other day. Thanks for reminding me of my dear book bloggers. I’ve missed you too. I hope to really be BACK, if not now exactly, then this winter for sure!

  6. Sarah! Everytime that I’m searchin natural building photos on google some of your amazing pictures come to my computer! You are everywhere! I miss you, hopefully you are enjoying your second practicum. Nat

    • Nat! That’s kind of funny – I guess I’m good at tagging things…! It sounds like you’re getting up to some good buildy mischief these days. Exciting. The practicum is going well. I’m going to be timber framing/building a new gate for the garden. 🙂

  7. […] seems like a summer wrap-up post is always required round here. Last summer I was so busy playing in the mud and building things that I didn’t have time to blog. This […]

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