Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 16, 2012

Atlanta: ME to OR Roadtrip, Part 2

My friend lives in a part of Atlanta that I like quite a bit – Cabbagetown. She and her kids are big walkers, so while I visited we went on several long walks around the neighborhood. The graffiti in the area is pretty great – colorful and weird – and there is lots of other street-side artwork too.






Part of a 5 mile walk on Valentine’s Day included a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Nat’l Historic Site.



(Gandhi, not MLK Jr. obviously!)

My travels often include a lot of eating and drinking, as I love to try regional foods and drink local beer. I sampled beers from The Wreaking Bar, the Atlanta Brewing Company, and Terrapin Beer Company (out of Athens, GA), ate shrimp and grits at Gladys and Ron’s Chicken & Waffles, and learned how to make grits at home with my friend (and they tasted far better!) She whipped up a yummy breakfast every morning I’ve been here, and also made some very tasty dinners. Today (my last day in ATL) we went to Ru Sans where I discovered that a sushi buffet is without a doubt the way to go – all you can eat, and totally delicious! In conclusion we went to Yogli Mogli, a frozen yogurt place found almost exclusively in GA.

Yesterday was my one warm, sunny day in the greater ATL area. I dragged some very wintery temps down here with me, and rain keeps dodging me…but yesterday was lovely. We went about an hour outside the city to visit the Dauset Trails Nature Center, and High Falls State Park.







I’ve been to ATL a few times before, both on work-related trips and to visit my friend. This has been my favorite visit though. I feel like I’ve gotten a better feel for the city and it’s been relaxing and fun. My cameras and I have been happy here!

Tomorrow I’ll spend the day driving down to Baton Rouge, where there is another good friend to visit and Mardi Gras parades to see and more delicious food to eat. See you there!


  1. Thanks for those pictures. I like them very much. It looks like spring…
    It’s warm here all of a sudden, I’m so glad.

    • I’m definitely in a warmer part of the country, and to me it feels like spring – but to the locals it is still very much winter! Crazy thought. 🙂 I tend to avoid this corner of the world on the summer though – far too hot and humid…

  2. ah, New Orleans! hope you have a fantastic time. I haven’t spent any time in Atlanta, and it looks like you experienced some really interesting places for me to keep in mind.

    • I only visited Atlanta because a good friend moved there. Never had an interest before, but it’s been surprisingly nice to explore the city. I really only enjoy city trips if there is a friend involved – as a rule I don’t really like cities. NoLa includes a friend too, so I’ve had fun here before and am currently enjoying myself!

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