Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 7, 2012

Pandorica Boxes and November Cakes

I had a couple of blog posts in mind for the weekend, but I ended up going to Burlington, VT to bid farewell to another sister (lots of farewells when you have so many sisters!) before I leave New England indefinitely. I enjoyed a few last Heady Toppers, made a quiche with my sister, played some cards, watched some football, and saw a bunch of ice carvings. I very much wanted this one to be a Pandorica Box:

Not a Pandorica Box after all...

(I couldn’t remember what one looked like, and the title of the piece was “Time Traveler” so of course I instantly thought of Doctor Who. Oh well!)

And now it is my last day in Maine, and it is roaring by far too quickly. There have been errands, lunch with my grandparents, and November Cakes to make, camping reservations in Delaware and Virginia Beach to book, my car to pack, one last dinner at the good Indian restaurant in Biddeford to eat, and bed to get to early. I plan to leave around 5 tomorrow morning and be in Delaware by the afternoon, where I will camp overnight and explore a little bit the next day. Then on to the next stop. Perhaps I will have time to write book and movie reviews when I end up in Atlanta for a few days next week.

Here are those November Cakes, fluffy and sticky, with just a hint of orange and slathered in caramel-honey – a delicious baked good straight out of the pages of The Scorpio Races. My little sister and I fulfilled our promise to make them before I left, and it was such a pleasure to spend time in the kitchen with her. Yet another farewell, but certainly a sweet one!

November Cakes, just as yummy in February!

I have been working on this post all day between all the other things, and now it is really over – my last day in Maine. It has been a good one. I’ll sleep for a few hours now (probably not that much, due to being excited!) and then I’ll set off, back on the road again.

Here we go!

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