Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 11, 2012

Rough Seas

Yesterday, after agonizing for hours over what books I could realistically keep and travel with (only one box will accompany me across the country…) I felt rather tumultuous and had to get outside before my emotions overcame me. Fortunately the wind and heavy skies off Schoodic Peninsula did not depress me more, but matched my stormy mood and invigorated me. My pictures failed to really capture the powerful crashing of the waves on Schoodic Point, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was thrilling – a powerful “Huzzah!” from the sea, fiercely wild. Just what I needed.


After reading the page about Schoodic Peninsula that I linked to above, I realized that I had jumped across one of the diabase dikes that they mention – ‘large veins of dark basalt that have forced their way through the older granite‘. It was like a broken road or an odd giant flight of steps tumbling down into the ocean. I wish I had taken a picture – I’m usually so good about noticing odd geologic details. I guess the enormous crashing waves distracted me! Oh well. If you’re ever out at Schoodic Point, look for the diabase dikes. 🙂


  1. After posting these, you must share with us what camera you use. I have a Nikon D60 which I actually took a class on and still cannot take photos like these. I know it’s me, but still.

    • I use a Sony DSC-H9. I would love to take a class on it since I mostly just point and shoot (in the Program mode though, so I can make a few adjustments if I want – not that I really know how…!) It’s a great camera. And I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for a little post-processing sometimes (my horizon lines are rarely as straight as I want them to be!). With shots like these I did tweak the exposure a bit because it was so hard to get the right balance between the sky and the sea – I wanted to get the photos looking closer to what I really saw. I was more or less successful. What’s missing is really the sound of the sea… 🙂

      • Well you did a great job. Love them.

      • Thank you Ti!

  2. these are beautiful! thank you for sharing them!

    • Thanks – my pleasure! I was blessed to be there and get to see it. 🙂

  3. Wow–gorgeous pictures. I really want to see Maine! One day I’ll make it out there.

    Only one box of books, huh? That sounds excruciating. I suppose I came with about that many when I moved here to the farm, but I was close to my stash in Portland and knew I could always go get more whenever I was next in town. Which I’ve most certainly done. I’m actually at the point now that I’m running out of room for all the books I have here, which must be several boxes worth at this point. Guess it’s time to pack some up and take them back to storage.

    • Thanks Joel. Not hard to get pretty pics when the scenery is so extraordinary. Even as I get ready to leave, I feel lucky to be here.

      Having been kind of settled for a few years, I started gathering books with my idealized “library” in mind, a little too early perhaps. While there were plenty of books I can donate and give away with ease, there is definitely a second box of books going to my parent’s house! And I know I will be incapable of not collecting more along the way… Oh well. 🙂

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