Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 5, 2012

Smoke on the Water

Since I seem to be in no danger of going to bed yet (though the clock is eyeballing 2:30 a.m. yeesh…), I may as well post some pictures of the outrageous smoke that was tumbleweeding across the surface of the ocean yesterday morning. The air was colder than the water I believe (I’m convinced!), which caused the smoke.


Oddly enough, even in such copiously cold temperatures, out of the wind and in the sunshine I was warm enough to sit down and put my feet up for a few minutes. Once again, totally worth getting up early to see.



  1. Those are some lovely photos.

    • Thank you!

  2. Lovely !

    • Thanks very much!

  3. I so want to see sea smoke, but my time here in winter is limited, and so far it has never seemed the right time.

    • I got lucky – I had no intention of going for a walk by the shore that day but noticed the smoke while driving to my destination and changed my plans. I’m really curious about what EXACTLY causes sea smoke…must research. I hope you get to see some soon!

  4. So beautiful! I’ve seen the fog like this… it’s lovely.

    • I’m newly astonished every time I see sea smoke – that such a thing exists, that it looks like that. Seems magical. Hurray for nature! 🙂

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