Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 28, 2011

Lucky Stars

This morning at work I unwrapped some items that I had carefully wrapped a few weeks ago for a Christmas promotion. It occurred to me that the used wrapping paper would be useful for craft projects, and then I remembered a post I had seen on The Mary Sue that dealt with this very issue. There I found the very same fun little Origami Lucky Stars that I had seen on The Cheese Thief blog recently. I had been meaning to make some. Turns out, they are super easy to make and quite addictive. I made a pile of them, ingrained the instructions into my memory, and can predict that these Lucky Stars will travel with me into the future!

I have been informed that there is an empty Svetka bottle that needs to be filled with lucky stars – I guess that will keep me busy for awhile!


  1. The Japanese girls fold 1,000 of them and give them to their friends as a token of friendship. I fold them, and put them in bottles, for my classroom. I’ll also give them to the children on occasion. They are indeed addictive to fold, and are successful with almost any kind of paper. Your gold ones are especially beautiful.

    • Wow, 1,000? That would definitely show you cared! I can’t believe I’ve never come across them before. Such fun. This design will join the paper crane as something I habitually fold when I come across bits of paper.

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