Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 9, 2011

tuulenhaiven is now a THING (plus one last scribble about Halloween)

Whoa, I just bought a domain name. I am really getting deep into this internet business… I imagine this means anyone who follows my little blog here is going to have to update their blog roll or Google Reader or whatever…and I apologize for the inconvenience! But logged me out as it does about every two weeks, and I saw my blog from a regular reader’s perspective…ads and all…and I was so horrified by this ugly and annoying ad that I darted off and purchased the pro version, domain name and all. tuulenhaiven is now mine, in the proper internet sense. Lovely.

(Or funny, depending on how you look at it. Funny to think that the name given to me by a friend I met through a LOTR fan page when I was 14, would come to represent me.)

There may be some changes around here, since I now have a bit more free reign when it comes to the look of my blog. We shall see. I don’t have a specific plan at the moment. For now, I just hope I don’t lose anyone in the shift. – all aboard for the next leg of the journey!

nancy drewAs a reminder of why it might be worth it, I’ll leave you with my Halloween costume for 2011:

Inspired by Jillian Tamaki’s “Sexy First Edition Old Man and the Sea” (bottom left) I was a Nancy Drew mystery! (Or simply Nancy Drew when the “book” part got too annoying to wear.)

More fun blogging to come as I work out the kinks of my slightly new space and embrace my shortened web address. Cheers!


  1. YES!

    OMG, can’t believe you made one of those sketches into a reality. If I had had anywhere to go on Halloween I would have been sorely tempted to manifest the “Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy” sketch. So I guess it’s probably lucky for everyone that I stayed home.

    Congrats on your new domain name. I love being self-hosted, even if it does mean obnoxious spam attacks from time to time.

    • Oh good, things to look forward to…! 🙂

      It was 100% our conversation via Twitter that inspired my costume. I was going to be something Doctor Who related right up until then! I liked this costume, although the original idea had more “book” to it and less “sandwich board”. Might revisit the idea when I have more time – after all, there are so many other books I could be for Halloween!

      (On Jillian Tamaki’s site she posted a pic of someone who did the “Sexy Hungryman Dinner”!!!)

  2. Sarah, love the outfit and getting to see what you look like in real life–I’m surrounded by such photogenic Wolves! Good luck with the domain change and whatever blog changes you choose to make, but I don’t think I ever spotted any ads here myself.

    • Too kind Richard. 🙂

      I saw the ads randomly when I clicked into a post to leave a comment. I know WordPress uses ads, but I usually forgot about it until I noticed and was newly horrified by one. Not sure what the system was. Glad you never saw them!

  3. congrats on your very own domain. (and it shifted very smoothly via my google reader, didn’t have to make any changes myself.) I have been tempted to do this myself, for the greater flexibility if anything.

    nice costume, clever. I agree with Richard, its great seeing what you look like in real life, and you are photogenic.

    • Well thanks. I don’t think of myself as photogenic at all, but this is a good picture – one of the few and far between! 🙂

      Glad that Google Reader is still a little bit clever – I’ve been doubting it a lot lately. Don’t like the new formatting of gmail at all… Oh well!

  4. I have some lovely ads sometimes. But I thought on my movie blog too although it’s my domaind.
    I like your outfit, the stripes that go with the floor are so great and wow your hair is long (it looked short in your old avatar). I love seeing people as well but I think I saw you before in the one or other photo.

    • I’ve posted pictures of myself before – I’m not too shy, especially when there’s a costume involved. I usually record my Halloween get-up. And yes, my hair is rather long now. The short hair was a thing that was happening several years ago.

      The striped floor was part of a set – the whole bar was decorated to look like The Red Room from the TV show Twin Peaks. Pretty cool.

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