Posted by: Sally Ingraham | October 19, 2011

Various and Sundry Scarecrows

My local library is holding a scarecrow contest this year, which is AWESOME. I had forgotten about it until yesterday morning when I breezed over to fetch some ILLs and was stopped dead in my tracks by these:
Crow BaitCat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat scarecrow is sweet, but “Crow Bait” might give me nightmares. Eeep!
Miss Scarecrow and her scareMOOSE. Only in Maine. I love it. Look at their boots! 🙂

The judging will be on Saturday, but I couldn’t pick among them – they’re all rad. Which would YOU pick?


  1. I don’t know! the scareMoose is hysterical. and that first one is very creepy. Hmm, makes me think we need a scarecrow though, something reminiscent of the Doctor Who episode with The Family…

    • Yikes – The Family is still one of scariest things The Doctor has gone up against. Those are some of my favorite episodes though! I have been watching the BBC Robin Hood, which I like a lot, and while I like the character of Will Scarlet, he’s played by the kid who played Brother and I still catch him making scary Family faces at times… Eeep!

      I’m a big fan of the scaremoose myself. 🙂

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