Posted by: Sally Ingraham | June 11, 2011

So Lately…

…I’ve been doing these things:

Camden Hills State Park (6 mile hike and exploration of another state park for my Maine State Parks project).


Asticou Azalea Gardens, Mount Desert Island (a wander among the azaleas and rhododendrons with one of my equally pretty sisters).


Plus, reading. Take a look at my sidebar and you’ll get an idea of my reading plans for this month – although so far I’ve only actually read 150 pages of the last volume of In Search of Lost Time, all of Ubu Rex, and half of Ubu Cuckolded. My reading for the Once Upon a Time Challenge mostly happened in March and May, although I might tuck one last book in before the end. Jarry’s Ubu stuff nearly counts! Not represented there is my continuing perusal of Michael Dirda’s Bound to Please: An Extraordianry One-Volume Literary Education.

Lastly, Doctor Who. I’ve been watching Series 4 – or rather NOT watching it, loath as I am to come to the end of Number 10’s story. Or rather, trying not to watch it, since my need to find out what happens next eventually overpowers my fear of the absolute heartbreak ahead of me…
# 10


I know exactly how foolish this sounds to some, and am fully aware that I share this particular love with many others, but still – for me, he’s my Doctor. Real or otherwise, he’s made my life a bit more wonderful and that is a brilliant thing. Thank you Doctor.


  1. I love your Maine State Parks project. It inspires me to try for a similar project on Oregon’s state parks! Especially with those beautiful photos.

    Huh, I just looked and there are approximately three zillion state parks in Oregon. Maybe I should revise my goals downward somewhat.

    • Haha, perhaps you could aim for 1/4 a year? Glad I inspired you – I hope this means you will be blogging about more adventures? 🙂

  2. OMG, what beautiful photos! I clicked over to see what camera you used. Very nice. I have a Nikon SLR which takes magnificent pics IF I take the time to figure out the exposures, etc. I rarely have that time and resort to my pocket Canon which is fast, but not all that sharp.

    • Thanks Ti! I am guilty of using my camera in the “point and shoot” style, having never learned how to work all it’s buttons and whistles. It does marvelously well with almost no fiddling.

  3. The pictures are breathtaking, Sarah! 😀

    • Thanks Claire!

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