Posted by: Sally Ingraham | June 1, 2011

Wanderer Above Jordan Pond

Today we had a proper thunderstorm. These things are few and very far between in this state. My boss and I left our work to fend for itself and stood outside watching the sky before the rain hit. The sky looked…somewhat apocalyptic:

Seriously apocalyptic

It was AWESOME! I literally jumped up and down and squealed when it started to thunder. What was fun and games for me was less so for others. (I heard a tornado warning on the radio on my way home tonight…!!!) Trees came down around town, buildings were hit by lightening… Yikes. After the excitement of the morning the wind kept barreling around for the rest of the day, although the sun came winking back out through the afternoon. By the time I left work it was looking stormy again, although not apocalyptic. I decided that it was the perfect time to go do this:


I took the Park Loop Road through the tunnelous trees to the trail on the backside of the South Bubble, and then crossing my fingers in hopes that it wouldn’t storm on me, I went dashing up the mountain (which at a mere 766 ft. is charmingly dashable). At the top the wind sent me romping, roiling up over the bald granite summit and buffeting me most thrillingly. In true dorky style, I struck a Friedrichesc pose which lasted about half a second before the wind tumbled me on down the trail.

Jordan Pond from the side of South Bubble

Give a shout-out for wildness folks. All that nature. Love it. After this I’m off to read Wordsworth – now there’s a fellow who gets nature!


  1. I love thunderstorms but we do not get them very often. I like these solitary figures in Caspar David Freidrich’s work. They are mostly on their own, very rarely you see more than one. Black against a lighter backrop, spellbound by nature. I haven’t read much Wordsworth yet…

    • It’s the spellbound by nature thing that really gets me. In the last few years I haven’t ventured afield as much by myself, and something about being alone really brings the forces of nature closer to you. I’ve been missing that. I plan to tramp above the seas of fog on my own more often this year.

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