Posted by: Sally Ingraham | June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

View from my back

The enormous amount of mosquito bites on my legs and ankles, as well as the ridiculous tan line across my chest is the best testimony to my recent activities. The utter lack of posts on this blog is another indication. It’s summer! And unlike last year, it is REALLY summer, with sunny hot weather and everything. As you can maybe guess, in the majority of my free time I have been playing outside this month. Everything from hiking to swimming (in the ocean!) to fires in the pit out back to an outdoor wedding to drinking on my friend’s front porch has filled my time, to the complete exclusion of touching a computer. I have even brought my laptop to town with me, with the intention of going to the internet cafe after work, and been waylaid by a friend’s invitation to go for a late afternoon walk and then dash to catch the end of happy hour. Too good a venture to pass up, right? So it goes.

I’ve got a monster pile of movies to write about – a few of which were so great that I can’t pass up the chance to tell you all about them, someday. 🙂

I’ve also read a little bit this month – a very little bit actually. I read a graphic novel called The Eternals by Neil Gaiman, and found it only somewhat interesting. I know Gaiman has widely appreciative audience, but I have picked poorly when it comes to his massive body of work, and I have yet to find something I really like. Still willing to search!

moo pakI finished this month’s Non-Structured Book Group read – Moo Pak by Gabriel Josipovici – this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a great pick Emily! We’ll be discussing the book next week. Meanwhile, I’ve been eyeing this list I found back in the beginning of May – Josipovici’s top ten list of novellas or long-short stories. Perhaps I’ll track down a few of them:

Diderot, Rameau’s Nephew
Kleist, Michael Kohlhaas
Stifter, Ice Mountain (often translated as Rock Crystal)
Melville, Bartleby
Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilitch
James, The Turn of the Screw
Mann, Death in Venice
Kafka, Metamorphosis
Pinget, Passacaglia
Perec, Un Cabinet d’Amateur


I hope to shuffle a bit more computer time into my days in the future, but I’m sure you all understand the lure of the sunshine and a cold brew. I’m still reading your blogs whenever I can, and I’m hoping everyone is enjoying the start of summer! Until…erm, most likely…next month! 🙂


  1. So jealous that it’s already summery where you are! Summer has yet to arrive in Portland, where it’s still gross and rainy and everyone is getting cranky about it. I would complain except that I just got back from a week in Hawaii, so I think the cranky would be directed at me if I did. 🙂 Totally ready for hometown summertime, however.

    Heads-up, I think Moo Pak is actually scheduled for this Friday. But you know, whenever you join us will be chill. Glad you liked it!

    • Haha, I guess I knew the correct date for our discussion, but I’m late as usual with my post. 🙂 Hope it gets more summery in your area soon!

  2. Really love that picture, Sarah! It’s already summery here, too, isn’t it great?

    Just begun reading Moo Pak today and really enjoying.. Have a great week!!!

    • Yay, I’m looking forward to the discussion, which I’ll go check out later today. It’s a pretty great book.

  3. Shush summer is staying this year! It’s lovely isn’t it and just in time to coincide with a trip wandering around the big city for me.

    Hope you have more wonderful weather (and wow I wish it were quite nice enough to go in the sea here). An outdoor wedding sounds lush and anyone brave enough to do it deserves really great weather.

    • I’m usually not brave enough to go in the ocean, but one of my friends is particularly persuasive…! Even on the hottest of days it is still frigid in the ocean off this coast though – a toe is usually all that I manage to put in it!

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