Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 9, 2009

Harper Pairings Hamper Packing…

In an effort to continue avoiding packing for a trip to Atlanta that I’m embarking on tomorrow, I am “Christmas shopping”, a.k.a. looking at books, through such delightful channels as the design blog Book By Its Cover, the publisher (of comic books and graphic novels) Drawn and Quarterly, and the resource site The Book Cover Archive.

By such semi-direct routes I stumbled across this:

Harper Shorts

Found through a post at the Most Coveted Covers part of Readerville Journal, each slender volume pairs a classic story with a story by a contemporary author. “The Wilde is matched with a Simon Van Booy story; Cather comes paired up with Lydia Peelle; Tolstoy with Holly Goddard Jones.”

Like the author of the post, I want them ALL – and I put them all on my Amazon wishlist. They’re each around 8 dollars, so I might even buy one. After all, I still have that pesky Amazon Prime with it’s always tempting free shipping…!

Here’s a bit more about the books from The Academic Files, a blog for the publisher, Harper Collins.

And now I really must pack… I’m eager to go to Atlanta – never been before – but I always get lazy/nervous before a trip…even one that is going to be nothing but fun and exploration and relaxation…

Be prepared for this space to morph into a travel log, and become littered with photographs. 🙂


  1. I really like the idea of pairing a classic author with a more contemporary one, and of course the covers are gorgeous! I imagine these could be very popular on a lot of book blogger holiday lists this year!

  2. I agree, Steph – I haven’t read any part of this collection, old stories or new, but I love the idea of being introduced to an old, respected author, and an emerging one as well. Cool concept.

  3. I have the Melville (orange) but haven’t read it yet. It’s tiny!

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