Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 4, 2009

Some Lovely Things

I have some extra time off this week, so I finally got out some of my crafting supplies and made…a pocketbook.

PocketbookPocketbook detail

I found the instructions in an issue of Country Living and although it was somewhat horrifying to cut the pages out of an old hardcover, the end result is pretty fabulous. And I do intend to read the book as well – I’ll even make a new cover for it! 🙂

Persephone Books CatalogIn other news, I received my winter edition of The Persephone Biannually and the new catalog today, much to my surprise and delight. They are SO lovely. In fact I was so pleased with them that I decided to break the ice and buy my first Persephone Book. I chose Flash by Virginia Woolf, and Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey, based on recommendations I came across in the biannual. I am beyond excited!

Now that I’ve taken the plunge, I think I also want to join in the Secret Santa Persephone book swap that Book Psmith is hosting. It seems like any of the Persephone Books would be lovely to receive, so even though I might normally hesitate over the idea, I’m looking forward to picking a book for whoever I’m playing Santa to.

And now I’ll set the computer aside and get back to watching Zorro, the Gay Blade! 🙂


  1. Join the swap! I just got my first order of Persephones and they are beautiful.

  2. Yay for the new Persephones! I’m itching to get William: an Englishman and Little Boy Lost! Feeling in the mood for heavy/depressing ones. 🙂

  3. The Persephone books are wonderful! I like the two you chose. I am sure the Secret Santa will be such fun and what could be better than a Persephone book?

    Your pocketbook is amazing! It’s so creative and the colors are beautiful. I love the handles too. I think it’s good use for a book cover! Enjoy.

  4. Thomas – I’ve done so – very exciting!

    Claire – I’m already trying to decide which books I want next – probably the one by Leonard Woolf, among others. It will be good to get some books stock-piled for the Woolf read-along in January.

    Amy – Thanks! The pocketbook was fun to make, although I felt that I deserved the nightmare I had soon after about reading some totally amazing book and then finding that someone had randomly cut pages out of it…!!

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