Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 18, 2009

BBAW Wrap-up

This week I have been completely blown away by the book blogging community, and especially the organizers of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. As a first year participant I feel like I barely dipped my toes in the water – I did a couple of the “Daily Blogging Topics”, I voted and rooted for some of my favorite blogs, and I entered a couple of the giveaways. There was so much more to do if I could have found the time – tons more blogs to check out, giveaways to enter, and wonderful scavenger hunts to play through. Given my limited time, I did manage to read and enjoy the multitude of posts on the BBAW site written by authors and other bloggers in support and celebration of book blogging.

Blown away by booksThe best thing I have gotten out of BBAW (aside from about ten new additions to my Google Reader!) is, suitably, a huge feeling of appreciation. The fact that so many of the small publishing houses, and a great many authors are so glad that book bloggers exist is pretty neat. I don’t review many newly published books here, but I certainly use the reviews of others to learn about new (or new to me) books and then seek them out. It’s an amazing system, this give and take, and it’s fueled by a simple (but astonishingly huge) love for the written word. Even though my contribution to all this has been small so far, I feel appreciated by an awesome group of people, and I appreciate in turn everyone else – bloggers, authors, publishers, and all the other members of this world of words.

I’m coming out of this experience with so much excitement about reading, and about blogging. Thank you BBAW – it’s been great, and I can’t wait for next year!


  1. I was pretty amazed when I saw notes and letters from publishers and others at the BBAW site talking about how much they appreciate bloggers. That’s pretty cool too! I really had no idea what a large involved community this is. This is my first year of BBAW, of course, since my blog is only a couple of months old and I cannot get over all of the differwent events going on in the blogs to celebrate the week! I have tried to read many of the interviews and reading memes, there are quite a few! It;s a really great place…I think I’ll stay a while! lol

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